About this site

About this site

The Care Whisperer is an independent publication launched in July 2022 by Christopher Roby. The idea was simple, to create a website that discusses many of the unanswered questions family members have when considering a care placement.

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About the Autor

Hi there! My name is Christopher Roby but widely known as Chris, I am a university graduate and a farther of two wonderful children. Since 2015 I have worked in the senior care industry in a role that is primarily there to support families who are enquiring about a possible care placement.

I have worked in new build projects and mature homes, and during my time I have probably answered or encountered every possible question, concern or uncertainty that a person may have. It speaks volumes for the enjoyment I get from working in this role, as even after 8 years I am still getting as much enjoyment as I did on day one, hence, I'm still doing it!!

Very often I hear the same phrase when meeting with families....'we have never done this before'. When you think about it this makes perfect sense, as moving into a care home is not something most people actively want to think about, and as a result the learning curve is quite steep when families HAVE to think about it.

This is where this website comes in, with active blogging that covers all of the topics that crop up including dementia care, industry insight, common questions, finance and much more. The site has now been developed to use video and infographics to support the written content, so people can view the content in different ways that work best for them.

It's worth a quick mention that my blog is a space for me to view my own opinions, and they may or may not be shared by the company I work for. My opinions are not written in any way on the company’s behalf, or reflect the company’s position as a market leader in the senior care industry.

Fresh content, delivered

Not all care enquires require immediate solutions, which is why I am able to forward my blogs to you by email if you subscribe to my page, which will help keep you updated or may cover a topic that is of specific interest to you, such as dementia care for example. I also share my content on social media.

Meet people like you

My website is a completly open forum to anyone who wants to read, learn, ask questions or start a conversation. I also have a Facebook page, and a LinkedIn profile where I share my content, please feel free to get in touch anytime.

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