Care home consultancy now open.

Care home consultancy now open.
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If finding a care home is new to you, or if you are caring for a loved one and need to talk to someone, or if you are in a crisis and need solutions quickly, I can help you. In my experience at work, I have supported over 500 people move into care homes, and spoken to over 2500 different families about care related enquiries.

This means, that although The Care Whisperer is still in its relative infancy, I have experienced almost all the potential scenarios that families face when considering a care placement, and have always been able to help them.

For more information about consultancy, including how to enquire and pricing, please see below.

What the service is

The service will include a short fact find before moving on to discuss potential solutions, and may include discussions on the following:

· Finding a care placement

· The different types of care homes

· Changing care needs

· State benefits, including Funded Nursing Care

· Continuing Healthcare and the D2A Pathway

· Local authority funding, how it works, and who contributes

· Fund depletion

· Lasting Power of Attorney, Deputyship & best interest

· Ways of funding a long-term care placement

· The different types of care available in care homes

· The various types of dementia care available in care homes

· Care home processes, including financial assessments and care needs assessments

· A general chat about any care related situation

What is service isn't

· A referral pathway to private care providing companies

When offering consultancy work, I will only be acting in the best interest of the person I am speaking with, I am not currently affiliated in any way with other private companies. This means I am not seeking extra commission by referring you, or suggesting you go with one provider over another, it is about you and your family only.


The consultancy element to The Care Whisperer is still quite new and as a result the prices are very competitive, indeed you may struggle to find a lower price for care consultancy anywhere else. I charge £49 for a 30-minute session, or £69 for 45 minutes if you feel you need a little longer.

How to book an appointment

For consultancy enquiries and bookings, please email me on

If you would like to make an enquiry or arrange an appointment, please send me an email on and we can get something in the diary. I am currently available most week day evenings.

If you want to arrange an appointment, kindly include the following details in the email:

· Your name, number, and email address

· The name of the person you are enquiring for

· A short breakdown of the situation

· Your preferred contact method for the meeting, i.e. phone call or Zoom

How to pay

I am currently accepting payments by bank transfer only but plan to incorporate a card payment system in the future.

Cancellations and refunds

If you need to cancel the meeting, or I have to cancel, and we cannot arrange a re-scheduled time, I will refund any monies you have paid in full.

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