Post No50...How care homes categorise Specialist / Complex care - Infographic

Post No50...How care homes categorise Specialist / Complex care - Infographic
Photo by Eilis Garvey / Unsplash

When I speak with families who are seeking care for someone with a history of challenging behaviour, they are often exhausted, stressed, worried, and tired of being told by care homes that they do not manage challenging behaviour. This can be quite an isolating and scary experience for families and carers.

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Fortunately, there is a part of the care home market that does cover more specialist / complex care provision, which is very much needed.

Cornerstone Healthcare Group, who have kindly collaborated on the production of this infographic, are providers of quality Specialist / Complex care. For more information about Cornerstone, please click here.

The infographic provides further details about the sorts of behaviours and care needs that could be considered as complex or challenging, either in themselves if very severe, or as a collective of care needs. Some, or all, may not be manageable in a 'normal' nursing home setting.

You can also find infographics on Residential Dementia and Nursing Dementia care at the bottom, which completes the set of the 3 types of dementia care available in care homes.

Thank you to Cornerstone for the collaboration about this more specialist type of care, keep up the good work!

Specialist / Complex care - Infographic

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