Post No51...3 reasons carers seek respite care - Infographic

Post No51...3 reasons carers seek respite care - Infographic
Photo by Simon Infanger / Unsplash

As mentioned in previous posts with Sylvia Stock, caring for someone can be emotionally and physically challenging for the carer. Sometimes, there can also be a reluctance to take much needed breaks, due to feelings of guilt, or anger that, as a carer, you are finding it harder to cope.

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Utilising respite to avoid carer burnout is important, as is making sure a person who has been in hospital is well enough to live independently at home, which may be different thing from them being fit enough to leave the hospital. For this reason, convalescent care can be very useful.

Ultimately, carers are truly amazing people, but like all people they have a limit to what they can do before requiring a much-needed break. The infographic below looks at 3 reasons why carers seek respite care, and you can also find written content on this topic here.

3 reasons carers seek respite care - Infographic

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