Post No54...NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding Infographic

Post No54...NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Funding Infographic
Photo by Mathieu Stern / Unsplash

NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding is often something families have either heard or read about, but seldom fully understand. Most families are unsure how to claim it or know if they can actually claim it, which in the modern world is sadly becoming more difficult.

Those with more complex behavioures requiring specialist care are potentially more likely to trigger the funding; this is in part is due to the fact there are not as many placements available for those who display 'challenging behaviour'.

For most people, who live in a 'normal' nursing home (not a specialist / complex nursing home), CHC funding is often rejected but Funded Nursing Care (FNC) is granted. FNC differs from CHC in that it only provides part funding to cover the cost of the nursing elelment of care provision.

Both FNC anf CHC differ from the D2A pathway, which is a short term agreement that helps support hospital discharging by paying for the first 4-6 weeks of care in a care home.

The infographic below privides details about CHC in a more visual way, but for written content about CHC or graphics about FNC, please see below.

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding?
For click for more detailed written content about CHC and FNC, or for a video about Discharge to Assess (D2A)

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