Post No55...VIDEO What is Nursing Dementia care?

Post No55...VIDEO What is Nursing Dementia care?
Photo by Noom Peerapong / Unsplash

Video explaining the care type Nursing Dementia

Many care home's provide dementia care, and also nursing care, and the differences between them is often explained in the homes brochure. However, it is more seldom that care homes break down the different types of dementia care that are available.

Unlike Residential Dementia care, Nursing Dementia care must to be provided in a nursing home. The care needs will be a combination of physical nursing care and dementia care, which can make this care type one of the more complex, and also more expensive.

It's worth noting, when it comes to costs, that a resident who has been assessed as nursing dementia care may qualify for NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC) or perhaps NHS Continuing Healthcare funding (CHC). It would be well worth asking the care home to put in an application for these.

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